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BizInABoxContainers turns shipping containers into architecutally exciting Pop-Up Retail Shops, Pop-Up Cafes, and Pop-Up Bars for use at public and private events — Festivals, Farmer Markets, Block Parties, Concerts, Weddings, Sports Events, Tailgating Parties, Golf Tournaments and Trade Shows. We are also an authorized dealer for the Self-Serve K9000® Dog Wash.

BizInABoxContainers is a premier builder of repurposed, recycled shipping containers for use as permanent, semi-permermanent and temporary party suites, restaurants, retail shops, bars, stages and many kinds of event vending spaces. Each shipping container is designed and built to suit the needs of the individual client.

Shipping Containers Pop Up Cafes

Our portable pop up shipping container cafes are made for Event Planners, Wedding Planners and Caterers looking to lower their set-up time and labor costs with an efficient pop-up that can be outfitted with the necessay supplies in advance and then easily moved to its destination.  Press the electric winch button to lower the doors and voila' — You're ready to go! 

Shipping Containers Pop-Up Beverage Bars

Our Shipping Container Pop-Up Bars are a perfect fit for beer, wine and soft drink marketers. Build your brand recognition by taking your product directly to the people at sporting events, festivals, farmer markets and to almost any event imaginable.
Our Pop-Up Bars are also an excellent choice for Party Planners, Wedding Planners and Corporate Event Planners.

Shipping Containers Pop-Up Retail Shops

Our Retail Mobile Container are a great way to take your shop out to the people at events, festivals, and ball games within your marketing area.

These Retail Shop Containers are a lot better than a tent - Tents close off the environment and do not stand out in crowded markeplaces; Whereas the flexible configuration, aesthetics and inviting lay-out of our repurposed shipping containers catch the eye and will definitely get you noticed.

Retail Containers are Fully Customizable - Totally matched to your brand. A shipping container is a blank canvass. With client input and feedback we'll design and build your pop up retail space to be sympatico with your brand
Pop Up Container Retail Shops
Pop Up Retail Shop Shipping Container
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