K9000 Self-Serve Dog Wash

Looking For Ways To Increase Your Income?

Take a look at our K9000® Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash Vending Stations for a business requiring a minimal investment in time, energy and money! 

  • Biz-In-A-Box K9000® Do-it-yourself Dog Wash Vending Stations are Plug and Play, Comes ready to operate in our 20 ft customized shipping container or can be placed in your own facility, or even outside.
  • Just hook up your electric, water and sewer lines to outlets provided and - Voila!  You're ready to go

Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash Is a Huge Untapped Market

The Self-Serve Dog Wash business is operating in a huge untapped market.

  • In 2017, a total of 89.7 million dogs lived as pets in U.S. Households
  • The market is ripe for a convenient, affordable way for dog owners to keep their family pet clean
  • The Pet Industry is booming. Spending on pets is expected to reach $70 billion in 2018

K9000® Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash Stations Provide Major Consumer Benefits

Dog owners love using the K9000® coin operated self-serve dog wash vending stations. No more bending over the bathtub, struggling to keep your dog from trying to jump out, and then cleaning up the mess after. And, best of all, dog owners appreciate the low cost - typically $10.00 per wash.

Up to now, the only alternative to doing-it-yourself has been a professional groomer (Avg cost $70.00 in the U.S.). In addition to providing you with additional income, you will be offering dog owners in your marketing area a truly great service.

Washing Dog In K9000

What is K9000®?

The K9000® is a state of the art DIY dog wash designed to make you money. For about $10 for 10 minutes, you will be giving your customers quality bonding time with their pup while having their car washed, getting their oil changed, before shopping in your store, or after an adventure outside.

The K9000® Self-Serve Dog Wash Machine is a premium product that guarantees a positive return on investment for any business with its strong cross-sell opportunities and its ability to generate more traffic. 

Today, the K9000® is by far and away the most requested dog wash on the market, and every year more dogs are washed with the K9000® than any other DIY dog wash. This past year, more than 3.5 Million dog washes on more than 2,000 K9000® self-serve dog wash machines made happy clean dogs and happy dog owners who didn’t have to mess up their homes or bathrooms.

Watch How It Works

Making Money With A K9000 Dog Wash