K9000® Dog Wash Building

BizinaBox K9000® Dog Wash Building


K9000® Dog Wash Building

Like the K9000® Dog Wash Machine, our customized all-weather K9000® dog wash building is designed for the long-haul. Built from a 20 ft shipping container with a life span of 100 years, our dog wash buildings are affordable, sustainable, incredibly energy efficient and virtually maintenance free.

Affordability is at the core of our company. Modular repurposed shipping container construction lowers production costs, and steel construction lowers life-cycle operating costs. The result is a higher quality product at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • All electric is enclosed in conduit in walls and ceiling
  • High efficiency 5000 BTU Ductless Mini-Split HVAC Heating and Cooling System for all weather comfort
  • Motion-detected interior LED lighting
  • Night-time motion-detected outside security lighting, timer controlled
  • Closed-cell spray on insulation in walls and ceiling
  • High R-Value Aluminum side lights and thermopane windows
  • Non-skid vynl flooring
  • Thru-wall connectors for water, sewer and electric are provided for two K9000® units
  • Your choice of interior and exterior colors
  • No need for cement foundation
  • Portable with a lowboy trailer and pick-up truck.

Dimensions: 8’W x 20’L x 8’H
Weight: 2500 lbs

We designed our K9000® dog wash building to accommodate two K9000® units for efficiency of construction reasons and because we know that K9000® owners inevitably need a second unit to handle the volume of customers, particularly on weekends.

When there is just one K9000® unit in the building, the additional space can be used as a waiting room and/or an area in which to offer pet supplies, either manned or via vending machines depending upon your situation.

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